Puck of Pook's Hill

by Rudyard Kipling
Puck of Pook's Hill - Rudyard Kipling N/A

Enchanted by the theatre, Dan and Una decide to recreate their own version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Finding the perfect spot, an old fairy ring, they set about their play, and are so enchanted that they perform it three times in a row. After a final bow, they sit down in the centre of the fairy ring – whereupon, the bushes part and Puck enters, stage left. Using his fairy magic, Puck then conjures up the past to entertain the two amazed children – a Roman centurion, a Renaissance artisan and a bygone village all appear before their very eyes.

Puck of Pook's Hill is an innocent and charming tale to delight readers of all ages.

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Release date 1906
Details updated August 23, 2022
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