The Wizard of Venus (Venus #5) - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Including first publication of Pirate Blood - the last thrilling story of the master story-teller, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The fifth and final adventure of Carson Napier among the exotic people and beasts of Amtor is Burroughs' THE WIZARD OF VENUS. Sequel to his fabulous four Venus novels, it is an adventure not to be missed as Napier encounter a new kind of science and anew kind of alien deviltry.

PIRATE BLOOD, which is included in this very special Burroughs treat, is something no reader of the Tarzan-Carter-Napier novels will want to miss. Found among his papers long after Edgar Rice Burroughs' death, it is a complete adventure story of excitement, high-pitched action, and derring-do. Its hero, a devil-may-care experimenter, designs his own aircraft and adventures among the little explored islands of the far seas to find that chivalry still requires the maximum of endurance and the utmost in courage.

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Release date: 1964
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 15, 2017

Venus :: Series

Venus is also known as Carson Napier of Venus.

Pirates of Venus (Venus #1)5.34
Lost on Venus (Venus #2)6.34
Carson of Venus (Venus #3)4.80
Escape on Venus (Venus #4)
The Wizard of Venus (Venus #5)