Pellucidar (Pellucidar #2) - Edgar Rice Burroughs6.16

First published in All-Story Weekly during May 1915. First collected in book form by A.C. McClurg in 1923.

David Innes brought back to Pellucidar the implements that would help him carve out a prehistoric empire in that weird Stone Age land at the earth's core. With twentieth-century skill and technology he could lead the tribes of Pellucidar against the dominant race of reptilian monsters and their ape-like soldiery.

But before he can subdue the terrible and inhuman Mahars, David must embark on a desperate search for Dian the Beautiful, his empress, abducted through the treachery of Hooja the Sly One. Together, they struggle to survive in a world of evils and dangers undreamed of on the surface of the Earth.

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Release date: 1923
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 6.16/10
Total ratings: 19
Updated: January 17, 2017

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