Tarzan the Untamed (Tarzan, #7)
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Tarzan the Untamed

by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Release date: 1920
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

This novel was originally published as two separate stories serialized in different pulp magazines; "Tarzan the Untamed" (AKA "Tarzan and the Huns") in Redbook from March to August, 1919, and "Tarzan and the Valley of Luna" in All-Story Weekly from March to April 1920. The two stories were combined under the title of the first in the first book edition, published in 1920 by A. C. McClurg. The dust jacket and nine sepia plates were done by J. Allen St. John.

With the speed of the great apes, Tarzan rushed through the jungle toward his home and family. But he was already too late. The marauders had been there before him. His farm was in a shambles and no was was left alive. Of his beloved wife there was only a charred, blackened corpse, still wearing the rings he had given her.

Silently, he buried the body and swore his terrible vengeance against those who had done this terrible deed. Then he set out grimly to track them – through warring armies – across a vast desert no man had ever crossed – and to a strange valley where only madmen lived.

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