The Complete Moon Trilogy - Edgar Rice Burroughs

An omnibus edition of The Moon Maid, The Moon Men and The Red Hawk.

Perhaps the most imaginative of the "Planet" series – the entire "Moon" adventures.

For 60 years all the nations of the Earth have been at war. Now peace has come, but, more momentously, contact has been made with Mars. Into these times steps Julian – a man aware of lives past and present – with a strange story to tell. Mars has launched a ship to Earth, but it is lost in space – now it is Earth's turn to make an attempt to reach Mars, and Julian is commander of the mission. Sabotage plunges the Earth craft into the moon where, hidden from Earth's view, civilizations thrive. There Julian becomes involved in a fierce struggle with the Kalkans. In the second adventure, another Julian must deal with the Kalkan invasion and occupation of Earth, as mankind is forced into serfdom and its technology destroyed. The American people of the third adventure are a nomadic horse nation, painted and feathered. Their chieftain is Julian – the Red Hawk – and he is planning the final defeat of the hated Kalkans after centuries of enmity and oppression.

This is Edgar Rice Burroughs at his best, with all the thrills, spills, action and hairsbreadth escapes his fans expect. Here, for your enjoyment, are all the "Moon" novels in a single volume.

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Release date: 2007
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 07, 2010