From the Earth to the Moon (All Around the Moon, #1)
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From the Earth to the Moon

by Jules Verne
Release date: 1867
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction
Tags: translation

Original title: De la Terre à la Lune (1865).

From the Earth to the Moon is also known as A Trip to the Moon in Ninety-seven Hours, From the Earth to the Moon Direct in Ninety-seven Hours Twenty Minutes, From the Earth to the Moon Direct, A Journey to the Moon and Round and About It, The Baltimore Gun Club, Barbicane and Co., The Moon Voyage and Voyage to the Moon.

For as long as Man has looked to the heavens, the Moon has beckoned him, just out of reach. Now a band of dedicated engineers build the largest gun on Earth and train its sights heavenward; brave men will ride the "bullet" all the way to the Moon. But will the flight be jeopardized by the feud of two bitter rivals? Every obstacle can be overcome – if man can overcome his own worst impulses! From the Earth to the Moon is Jules Verne's prophetic vision of man's drive to conquer the solar system.

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