The Mysterious Island - Jules Verne7.92

Original title: L'Île mysterieuse 1-3 (1874–1875).

Six men set off in an air balloon to escape the horrors of the Civil War. When an unexpected storm front blows them thousands of miles off course, the group finds themselves stranded on an Island in the Pacific ocean.

As the marooned men try to make a life for themselves, they contend with pirate attacks, erupting volcanoes, and the prospect of living out the rest of their lives on the island. The men's survival surely would be in question if it wern't for the help they receive from a mysterious, unknown source.


  • Dropped from the Clouds (1874)
  • The Abandoned (1875)
  • Secret of the Island (1875)
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Release date: 1874
Genres: science fiction
Tags: translation
Average rating: 7.92/10
Total ratings: 25
Updated: May 22, 2018