Round the Moon

Jules Verne
science fiction
Round the Moon (All Around the Moon #2)6.08

Original title: Autour de la Lune (1870).

Round the Moon is also known as Around the Moon.

The sequel to From the Earth to the Moon chronicles the events of the crew as they circumnavigate the moon.

"It's all very well," said Captain Nicholl, "to go to the moon, but how do we get back again?" He is already hurtling through space with his two interpid companions, Barbicane and Ardan, and his rather belated question expresses the predicament of the three astronauts which keeps the reader in suspense throughout this book. Although they never actually land on the moon, they do solve the problem of their return.

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Release date: 1873
Genres: science fiction
Tags: translation
Average rating: 6.08/10
Total ratings: 12
Updated 2018-05-22