The Caterpillar's Question

by Philip José Farmer, Piers Anthony
The Caterpillar's Question by Philip José Farmer, Piers Anthony 6.00   1
Jack, a struggling art student, is hired to drive a mute, crippled girl across the country. Tappy Concord can barely communicate, but something about her touches Jack, so much so that he follows her into the mountains – and through the gateway to another world. There he finds himself surrounded by strange, alien creatures, and pursued by the relentless agents of the Gaol, an all-powerful galactic empire. Only one force in all the cosmos can hope to overcome the tyranny of the Gaol: The Imago, an immortal spirit capable of evolving into a being of immense power. The Imago can be anywhere or anyone... maybe even a crippled human girl. The Caterpillar's Question is a world-spanning science fiction odyssey – as only Piers Anthony and Philip José Farmer could tell it.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 1992
Details updated September 7, 2010
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