Carpathian Castle
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Carpathian Castle

by Jules Verne
Release date: 1893
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction
Tags: translation

Original title: Le chateau des Carpathes (1892).

Carpathian Castle is also known as The Castle of the Carpathians and Rodolphe de Gortz; or the Castle of the Carpathians.

The descriptions of the quaint villagers of Werst, their costumes, manner of living, and belief in the supernatural world would in themselves prove an interesting narrative, but when coupled with the exciting adventures of Nic Deck, the two Counts, the cowardly Doctor, and the beautiful La Stilla, the story is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting ever offered.

This mysterious tale takes place in the area which in just a few years would become known as Dracula's homeland. Jules Verne has the knack of it. He knows how to make the scientifically romantic story. You might not know what a "nyctalop" was, but if you saw one flapping his wings around the dark fortress in the Carpathians, you would run for it, as did Nic Deck.. Orfanik is head conjurer, and in his trial he explains how he brought into play for a wicked purpose a variety of ingenious inventions.

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