Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury7.58

Guy Montag was a fireman whose job it was to start fires...

The system was simple. Everyone understood it. Books were for burning... along with the houses in which they were hidden.

Guy Montag enjoyed his job. He had been a fireman for ten years, and he had never questioned the pleasure of the midnight runs nor the joy of watching pages consumed by flames... never questioned anything until he met a seventeen-year-old girl who told him of a past when people were not afraid.

Then he met a professor who told him of a future in which people could think... and Guy Montag suddenly realized what he had to do!

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Release date: 1953
Genres: science fiction
Tags: hugo award
Average rating: 7.58/10
Total ratings: 157
Updated: January 12, 2015


10/10 |
November 03, 2012
I reread this recently, having read it years ago in my teens. It still chills me to the bone for many reasons. There is a robotic creature in it that is the stuff of nightmares. "The Terminator" is cute and cuddly in comparison. I used to think ...