Futuria Fantasia
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Futuria Fantasia

by Ray Bradbury
Release date: October 2007
Type: other fiction
Genres: short stories

Following is some more information regarding Futuria Fantasia: It was Ray Bradbury's first published work, which he wrote and produced himself. The place: Los Angeles. The year: 1938. Ray Bradbury is an 18 year old graduate of Los Angeles High School and America is still living in the grip of The Great Depression. To make a living he sells newspapers on street corners. His heroes are Buck Rogers, Jules Verne, Lon Chaney, Edgar Rice Burroughts, H. G. Wells, and L. Frank Baum. He wrote in his high school yearbook the he is, "headed for literary distinction" and he dreams of becoming a famous writer. So, what is a young man, too poor to go to college, to do? Enter Forrest J. Ackerman and Bruce Yerke. Ray is invited by them to attend the now legendary Clifton's Cafeteria Science Fiction Club. Ray meets the writers who will become the great writing stars of the future: Robert Heinlein, Fredric Brown, Henry Kuttner, Leigh Brackett, and Jack Williamson. Only 100 copies of each issue were originally printed and they preceded his first book, DARK CARNIVAL, by nine years. In the meantime Ray was on fire writing stories for the pulp magazine, and FUTURIA FANTASIA is where he gave himself his start. All four issues are collected and reproduced in hardcover for the first time in an exact facsimile as Ray handmade them. Ray has written an original preface for this edition that is a memoir of this period of his life. The book also includes an interview of Ray and Forrest J. Ackerman by Craig Graham and original never before seen art by Hannes Bok.
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