The Glass Woman is an American edition of The Grinding House (2005). It contains one extra story.

Subtle depictions of future worlds, of stark contemporary settings and alternate realities are some of the wonders of Warren's imagination. From science fiction to fantasy and eerie, soul-shaking horror. Warren's words will reverberate in all of us. What is there to enjoy in this collection? A profound vision of a future, perhaps dismal without hope, horror that makes your spine feel pierced by hundreds of rings, a smattering of bodily fluids, a few feminist themes, a clear and penetrating vision, the clarity of which is unearthly. Clever, sometimes funny, morbid and at times racy. You'll find all of this in Kaaron Warren's work.

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Release date: 2007
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, short stories
Updated 2010-09-07