The Last T'En (The Last T'En Trilogy, #1)
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The Last T'En

by Cory Daniells
Release date: 1999
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The Last T'En is also known as Broken Vows.

In a world of danger and dark enchantment, the most treacherous magic is desire...

Trained in the arts of war and possessed of extraordinary healing gifts, Imoshen was one of the last of the legendary T'En, an ancient race who'd ruled Fair Isle for six centuries. But now, in the space of a heartbeat, all that Imoshen holds dear is gone... lost to invading soldiers and the relentless general who led them.

All his life Tulkhan had heard tales of the T'En... of exotic women whose wine-dark eyes could see into a man's soul and read his mind. Yet nothing could have prepared him for the reality of Imoshen. Even surrounded by his Elite Guard, the fierce beauty would not surrender. But making the last living T'En royal his captive was a grave mistake. For soon Tulkhan will discover the full force of Imoshen's proud defiance, as this alluring temptress seeks to turn the tables and make her magnificent captor a prisoner of his own raging desire.

From Cory Daniells comes a glorious romantic fantasy set against a backdrop of dark magic and daring, a spellbinding story of a man and a woman at the heart of a deadly conflict... and at the mercy of an irresistible hunger.

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