Warrior Code (The Last T'En Trilogy #3) - Cory Daniells

Warrior Code is also known as Desperate Alliances.

In a land of enchantment and betrayal, an empress sworn to a new future must face the
world she left behind...

With her wine-dark eyes and silver hair, Imoshen is the last T’En empress – blessed with exotic beauty and an extraordinary gift for healing. Once the enemy of the fierce Ghebite General Tulkhan, Imoshen surrendered herself and her island to the powerful invader to save her people. But what began as a political alliance blossomed into a passionate love, and now they share both a kingdom and a newborn son.

Yet Imoshen’s past still comes back to haunt her, as the T’En renegade, Reothe, refuses to relinquish his once betrothed. Believing Tulkhan will reject Imoshen if she carries another man’s child, Reothe uses T’En trickery to seduce her; but Tulkhan’s love proves stronger. Angered and betrayed by Reothe, Imoshen still cannot bring herself to forsake her fellow T’En. For Imoshen is hungry for the ultimate intimacy – the sacred mind-touch that she can share only with Reothe. It is a longing that could jeopardize her heart – and perhaps even the future of Fair Isle.

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Release date: 2002
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Updated: August 25, 2016