Year Zero
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Year Zero

by Jeff Long
Release date: 2002
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

In The Descent, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Long led readers into the darkest regions of suspense and adventure. Now he returns with an apocalyptic scenario that threatens to eradicate mankind.

In Jerusalem, an American archaeologist working on Project Year Zero – the search for the historical Jesus – crosses the line between science and theft when he helps plunder an old Roman landfill beneath the crucifixion grounds known as Golgotha. Nathan Lee Swift's crime will have devastating consequences. When an ancient relic is opened on the black market, a two-thousand-year-old plague is unleashed – and the dying begins.

As the pestilence threatens to wipe out humanity, he finds a chance for redemption – by finding the cure. Skirting the edges of civilization, Nathan Lee sets out to find his younger daughter and travels to Los Alamos, where a desperate tactic has been adopted: the use of human lab rats cloned from Project Year Zero remains. Now Nathan Lee will come face-to-face with one special cloned human who may hold the key to salvation – in more ways than one. Patient Zero claims to remember who he is...

And his name is Jesus Christ.

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