Necropolis (The Power of Five #4) - Anthony Horowitz7.86

The eagerly-awaited fourth book in this bestselling series. Hong Kong has been taken over by the Old Ones and has become Necropolis, city of the dead. Once in, there is no way out...

Evil has been unleashed on the world and only five children – with special powers – can save it. Matt and the other three desperately need to find Scar, the final gatekeeper, who has been trapped in Hong Kong, where puddles of water turn into puddles of blood, where ghosts, demons and hideous creatures stalk the streets. Matt has no choice but to follow her. Now, both imprisoned, their only hope of survival is to reach a secret door in the Man Ho temple. But even if Scar can find her psychic power, it may already be too late.

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Release date: 2008
Genres: fantasy, horror, young adult
Tags: environmental disasters
Average rating: 7.86/10
Total ratings: 60
Updated: August 19, 2021

The Power of Five :: Series

The Power of Five was retitled in the United States as The Gatekeepers.
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8/10 |
September 06, 2009
This book surprises. Somehow Mr. Horowitz has turned an ordinary fantasy story to something more. It makes you want more, and keeps you interested until the last page. Scarlett's story is a bit scary and exciting at the same time. Raven's gate ...