Familiar Stranger

by Michele Hauf
Familiar Stranger (Dark Enchantments #1) by Michele Hauf 8.00   1

Recruited by a secret paranormal organization to hunt demons, Jack Harris never guessed the revenge he sought for his partner's death would be this complicated. Jack's worldview is black-and-white – until he is ordered to follow Mersey Bane, a beautiful woman who is also a familiar with shape-shifting abilities. Mersey belongs to the Cadre – a peaceful hermetic order that captures and studies Otherworldly Entities – which is at odds with Jack's organization.

As Jack delves deeper into the inner workings of the Cadre, he finds himself drawn to Mersey like a moth to a flame.

She may challenge all his beliefs, but she brings color and passion to his world. Jack doesn't know whether what he feels for Mersey is love or lust. But if he doesn't figure it out soon, they may become the hunted instead of the hunters.

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Release date 2007
Details updated December 15, 2016

Dark Enchantments

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

Familiar Stranger (Dark Enchantments #1) 8.00   1
Rising Darkness (Dark Enchantments #2) 8.00   1
Night Mischief (Dark Enchantments #3) 8.00   1
Saving Destiny (Dark Enchantments #4) 8.00   1