Tome of the Undergates (The Aeons' Gate, #1)
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Tome of the Undergates

by Sam Sykes
Release date: April 8, 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Adventurer. The term has long been synonymous with cutthroat, murderer, savage, zealot and heathen. And Lenk, an errant young man with only a sword and a decidedly unpleasant voice in his head, counts all five amongst his best and only associates. Loathed by society and spurned by all merciful gods, he and his band are recruited for only the vilest of jobs.

Denaos, the lecherous thug; Asper, the cursed priestess; Dreadaeleon, the pubescent wizard; Gariath, the psychotic dragonman; and Kataria, the savage shict who farts in her sleep have all followed Lenk out of necessity. But as their companionship increases, so too does their enmity for each other. Thrown together by necessity, motivated by their distrust for each other, it falls to Lenk to keep them from murdering each other long enough to allow something more horrible the pleasure.

When an esteemed clergyman hires them to track down a missing book stolen by a zealous foulness risen from the depths of the ocean, intent on using the tome to raise its abyssal matron from her hell-bound prison, Lenk finds his skills put to the test. Faced with titanic, fish-like beasts, psychotic purple warrior women and the ferocity of an ocean that loathes him as much as his own people do, the greatest threat yet may be the company he keeps.

Full of razor-sharp wit, characters who leap off the page (and into trouble) and plunging the reader into a vivid world of adventure this is a fantasy that kicks off a series that could dominate the second decade of the century.

"Wildly descriptive slaughter-fest fantasy with a surprising pathos. Monstrous, murderous, psychotic, deranged, possessed and insane – the only question is what our heroes hate more: The demons they're fighting, each other or themselves. Sam Sykes has invented a whole new genre – Call Of Duty: Demon Warfare." – Stephen Deas

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Tome of the Undergates was an interesting and readable debut book, but in my opinion it wasn't an excellent book. I both liked and didn't like this book. This book contained interesting things, but unfortunately the author could've written certain scenes better. Fortunately towards the end the book became more interesting and I liked it more than during the first pages. I think that Sam Sykes has potential. I hope that he's able to improve his writing style.
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