Pictor's Metamorphoses and Other Fantasies

Hermann Hesse
fantasy, short stories
Pictor's Metamorphoses and Other Fantasies - Hermann Hesse

In the spring of 1922, several months after completing Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse wrote a fairy tale that was also a love story, inspired by the woman who was to become his second wife. "Pictor's Metamorphoses," the centerpiece of this new collection of fantasies and fairy tales by the Nobel Prize-winning author, is presented here for the first time in an authorized English translation.

The nineteen stories in this volume display the full range of Hesse's fascination with fantasy – as folktale, literary fairy tale, dream, satire, rumination. In "Lulu," by far the longest story in the collection, a group of friends all fall in love with the same woman, the inkeeper's niece; fantasy mingles with reality, so that the story occurs on two levels. "Two Brothers," a fairy tales written when Hesse was ten years old, is here as part of "Christmas with Two Children's Stories." A later story, "Bird," harks back to the bird from "Pictor's Metamorphoses," but is also Hesse's allegorical portrayal of himself.


  • Lulu
  • Hannes
  • The Merman
  • The Enamored Youth
  • Three Lindens
  • The Man of the Forests
  • The Dream of the Gods
  • The Painter
  • Tale of the Wicker Chair
  • Conversation with the Stove
  • Pictor's Metamorphoses
  • The Tourist City in the South
  • Among the Massagetae
  • King Yu
  • Bird
  • Nocturnal Games
  • Report from Normalia
  • Christmas with Two Children's Stories
  • The Jackdaw
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Release date: 1981
Genres: fantasy, short stories
Updated: August 15, 2021
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