The Dark-Eyes' War

by David B. Coe
Release date: February 14, 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

An ancient feud erupts into all-out war in the exciting conclusion of the Blood of the Southlands trilogy

The Sorcerers’ Plague and The Horsemen’s Gambit by David B. Coe built to the thrilling, pulse-pounding action of all-out war in this triumphant novel of salvation and revenge; death and ultimate redemption.

A bitter old woman’s curse has set in motion events that have felled innocent lives across an already war-weary land. She has paid the ultimate price, and an end to the curse is at hand, but her evil has created chaos and destruction.

Qirsi all across the Southlands are dying from a plague that turns their own magic against them, allowing an Eandi army from Stelpana to boldly march into their territory. But magic has many faces, and the Qirsi aren’t the only ones cursed; even as Stelpana’s force wins battles, an insidious magic corrupts the spells of their sorcerers, and what began as a military triumph is suddenly jeopardized. The future of the Southlands hangs in the balance, as the deeds of previous generations wreak terrible consequences on both sides in this misbegotten war.

(updated 2016-09-10)

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