The Dead Zone
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The Dead Zone

by Stephen King
Release date: 1979
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

John Smith doesn't realise that there is anything special about him after he hit his head after falling on the ice at age six. But during his growing years, he has occasional pre-cognitive flashes. When he hits his early twenties, he thinks he's pretty normal... he's a good teacher, he has a nice apartment, and he's in love with a beautiful girl.

One night, he and Sarah, his girlfriend, go to a fair. A series of events see him catching a taxi home from Sarah's house, ending up in a devastating car accident, and awakening four years later from his coma. When he returns, the world is a different place. Although he has no concept of the time that has passed, Sarah has married someone else, the world has moved on, and when John touches somebody, he can see their past and their future.

John's disturbingly religious mother sees this gift as a gift from God, but the shy and retiring John would rather steer clear of the spotlight. He wants to get on with his life, but he can't get over his love for Sarah. He also has more pressing problems... visions come to him, unbidden, about the future. And not just his future, but the future of people he cares about, and the future of the world. Johnny knows that he will have to act... but when he doesn't what he thinks is right, will the world listen?

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