Insomnia - Stephen King7.48

Morning will come. Just pray you're here to see it.

You'll lose a lot of sleep. Ralph does. At first he starts waking up earlier. And earlier. Then the hallucinations start
the colours, shapes and strange auras. Not to mention the bald doctors who always turn up at the scene of a death.

That's when Ralph begins to lose a lot more than sleep. When he begins to understand why his hitherto mild-mannered friend, Ed, is getting out of control
dangerously so. And why his home town is about to become the new Armageddon...

Insomnia is a relentless waking nightmare in which the master of horror and suspense guarantees you sure won't rest in peace.

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Release date: 1994
Genres: horror
Average rating: 7.48/10
Total ratings: 46
Updated: August 24, 2021