The Book of Frog

by Jeff VanderMeer
The Book of Frog - Jeff VanderMeer N/A

The Book of Frog is a collection of eleven undeniably bizarre but entertaining stories centering around the popular "frog motif". Readers of horror will revel in the secret life of Mardi Gras revealed in "The Game of Lost and Found" while fantasy fans will be entertained by "Greensleeves," the story of a librarian who can see shades of silence and talks to portraits. Humor abounds, from the dark variety of "At Least It Wasn't Another Chronicle of Someone Slowly Going Insane," to the full-speed lunacy of "A Cracked Ferry Tail".


  • A Cracked Ferry Tail
  • Frogsense
  • Frogs Hunting in the Dark
  • The Color of Chance is Green
  • The Game of Lost and Found
  • Mad frog
  • At Least It Wasn't Another Chronicle of Someone Slowly Going Insane
  • Bars of Stone, Walls of Air
  • El Toque de Midas
  • Kaeru
  • Greensleeves

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Release date 1989
Details updated August 25, 2022
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