Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree

by Ernest Bramah
Release date: 1940
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, short stories


  • The Story of Prince Ying, Virtuous Mei, and the Pursuit of Worthiness
  • The Three Recorded Judgments of Prince Ying, from the Inscribed Scroll of Mou Tao, The Beggar
  • The Ignoble Alliance of Lin T'sing with the Outlaw Fang Wang, and How It Affected the Destinies
  • The Story of Yin Ho, Hoa-mi, and the Magician
  • The Story of Ton Hi, Precious Gem and the Incospicuous Elephant
  • The Story of Sam-tso, the Family Called Wong, and the Willing Buffalo
  • The Story of Saho Chi, the No-longer Merchant Ng Hon, and the Docile Linnets
  • The Story of the Poet Lao Ping, Chun Shin's Daughter Fa, and the Fighting Crickets
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