Seer of Egypt (The King's Man #2) - Pauline Gedge

As Book ll of the trilogy opens, Huy and Ishat are continuing Huy’s work of healing and predicting, though now from the estate that Amunhotep ll has given Huy as reward for his accurate prediction of victory in quashing the rebellious tribes of Rethennu. Their new property is just outside Huy’s home village of Hut-Herib, and people flock from far and wide to seek his aid. He and Ishat enjoy a comfort beyond their dreams as the king continues to send an allowance of gold.

Yet, as the years pass, with major changes in his life and household, an underlying uneasiness troubles Huy. Why has Pharaoh not taken further advantage of his gifts; never called upon him again? Why does Huy have the feeling Pharaoh knows everything about his life yet remains silent?

When it finally becomes clear what request Amunhotep ll has been saving for Huy, and that the King appears prepared to ignore the serious warning from the gods that Huy had conveyed through his prediction years before, Huy is faced with a momentous choice:  Displeasing the King, or failing the gods who gave him back his life with powers of a yet unknown purpose.

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Release date: 2008
Genres: history, mainstream
Updated: August 15, 2021

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