The Lost Barkscrolls - Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell N/A

Four dramatic stories – set in all the ages of the fascinating, terrifying Edgeworld – a delight for any reader, new or old.

Cloud Wolf – the story of young sky pirate Quint's first extraordingary battle in the sky, high above the perilous Deepwoods.

The Stone Pilot – the truth behind the mysterious hooded figure who tends the mighty flight-rock at the centre of a magnificent sky ship.

The Slaughterer's Quest – the take of Keris, daughter of the legendary sky pirate captain, Twig, and her terrifying quest to discover her father's fate.

The Blooding of Rufus Filatine – a Freeglade Lancer's epic encounter with a monstrous creature which will change the Edge for ever...

Release date 2007

Details updated August 20, 2021

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The Edge Chronicles :: Series

Series contains 5 total works.

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Cloud Wolf N/A
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