The Immortals - Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell N/A

For readers who love fantasy, the most spectacular Edge story yet!

Nate Quarter, a young Lamplighter from the mines of the eastern woods, is propelled on an epic journey of self-discovery that encompasses tournaments, battles, revolutions and a final encounter with the Immortals themselves.

This is the final tale in the Edge Chronicles sequence and it is a fabulous climax to the most original and dramatic fantasy series being written today. Set years into the future, this book is ideal for new readers to discover the series before going back to read the “history” of Twig, Rook and Quint.

Packed with incredible illustrations from Chris Riddell, this is a wonderfully funny, moving and utterly inventive book.

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Release date February 5, 2009
Details updated August 29, 2022

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Series contains 5 total works.

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