The Edge Chronicles: Maps

by Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell
Release date: 2004
Type: other fiction
Genres: non-fiction

The Deepwoods, the Stone Gardens, the Edgewater River. Undertown and Screetown. Sanctaphrax and the Free Glades. Behind each name lie a thousand tales – tales that have been recorded in ancient scrolls, and told in the best-selling Edge Chronicles series.

Now, complete with descriptions of some of the best-known places in this magnificently inventive world, two glorious maps are available. They illustrate the Edgeworld over the generations – from the time of the sky pirate Cloud Woolf and his son, Twig, through to the post-stone-sickness world of young Rook Barkwater. This fantastic double-sided, full-colour map is accompanied by a book crammed full of pictures and details of the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit the Edgeworld.

updated 2017-01-15

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