The Lake of Death (Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals #6) - Jean Rabe6.44

Dhamon Grimwulf, cursed to live as a shadow dragon, yearns for his lost humanity. His quest for its recovery takes him from the depths of the dragon overlord Sable's swamp to the shores of ruined, flooded Qualinost. Along the way, he is reunited with Feril, a Kagonesti druid he once loved fiercely. The search becomes perilous for all involved, and the goal, if attainable, hinges on what lies at the very bottom of the massive, mysterious Lake of Death.

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Release date: 2004
Genres: fantasy
Tags: dragonlance, dungeons & dragons
Average rating: 6.44/10
Total ratings: 39
Updated: January 06, 2015

Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals :: Series

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