The Rebellion (Dragonlance: The Stonetellers #1) - Jean Rabe 6.10   21

Jean Rabe returns to the world of Dragonlance with a tale of slavery, rebellion, and the struggle for freedom! When a series of earthquakes strike a Dark Knight mining camp, goblin and hobgoblin slaves take advantage of the bedlam and revolt. A fast and deadly rebellion erupts, pitting the Dark Knights against their slaves... and against the still-rumbling ground. Casualties on both sides climb as a leader emerges among the slave force - Direfang, a hobgoblin foreman with deep scars and a long, brutal history of servitude. He must rally the surviving goblins and hobgoblins and lead them out of Neraka, turning his rag-tag force into an army that will not allow itself to be enslaved again.

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Release date August 2007
Details updated August 23, 2022

Dragonlance: The Stonetellers :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Main series Dragonlance

The Rebellion (Dragonlance: The Stonetellers #1) 6.10   21
Death March (Dragonlance: The Stonetellers #2) 6.30   13
Goblin Nation (Dragonlance: The Stonetellers #3) 6.66   12

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