The Best of Isaac Asimov

by Isaac Asimov
Release date: 1973
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, short stories

Isaac Asimov offers in this collection twelve of the best stories he has written over the past thirty-five years. Ingenuity of plot and style is a regular feature in these fascinating, often provocative tales of space and time. "Marooned Off Vesta," for instance, the first fiction Asimov ever published, is a prime example of the versatility of his imagination. It tells of three men in a spaceship only three hundred miles from Vesta - with no way to reach it.

His well-known "Nightfall" probes the reactions of a planet to the darkness of night which falls only once in two thousand years.

Asimov gives his solution to the dissipation of energy of the Universe in "The Last Question" - a solution so disturbing that readers will never forget this unique story. "The Dying Night" is a science fiction-mystery tale with that delightful armchair detective, Wendell Urth; three scientists; and murder.

And there is a long-awaited reunion between R. Daneel Olivaw and Lije Baley in "Mirror-Image," concerning two robots who lie about their masters.

Here is a tempting sampler for those who have not yet experienced Isaac Asimov, and the pièce de résistance for his many devoted followers.


  • Marooned Off Vesta
  • Nightfall
  • C-Chute
  • The Martian Way
  • The Deep
  • The Fun They Had
  • The Last Question
  • The Dead Past
  • The Dying Night
  • Anniversary
  • The Billiard Ball
  • Mirror Image
updated 2013-01-14

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