Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn (Mythago Cycle, #4)
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Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn

by Robert Holdstock
Release date: 1997
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Also published under the title Gate of Ivory.

British Fantasy Award nominee 1999.

Ryhope Wood holds ancient secrets and memories – from legend, history, real and believed – that take on physical form. Known as mythagos, they are unpredictable and dangerous... because they are versions of famous heroes and heroines changeable according to how we see and thing about them.

The phenomenon ruined the Huxleys. Christian Huxley remembers it well. As a young boy, he watched his father's mythago obsession turn to madness and witnessed his mother's suicide after a terrifying raid by a horde of questing warriors who broke out of the wood and into their home.

Years later, now a young man exploring the wood in his father's wake, Christian again encounters the horde and makes an astonishing discovery that will lead him through a series of dangerous quests, a heart-wrenching love affair and the most difficult decision of his life. The ultimate prize: the Gates of Ivory and Horn, of truth and the lie... the gates through which he might bring his mother back to life.

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