Not to Mention Camels

R. A. Lafferty
science fiction
Not to Mention Camels - R. A. Lafferty

R. A. Lafferty has created three memorable creatures in Pilger Tisman, Pilgrim Dusmano, and Polder Dossman. Pilger is a protean figure of phantasmagoric qualities; Pilgrim’s fragmented existence lies in thousands of minds besides his own; Polder is eidolon-man and cult-figure, hypnotic, electric, magnetic, transcendent.

They are all world-jumpers in a meta-cosmosic universe. What hellish worlds they jump to — Hieronymus Bosch landscapes that thrive on anti-matter, anti-space, anti-time. What mind-and-body-searing challenges they are confronted with. For Pilger, Pilgrim, and Polder are one man.

This strange and curious novel, laced with superb similes and mind-blowing metaphors, offers cascading prose that echoes and re-echoes long after you put it down. It ranks among Lafferty’s finest works.

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Release date: 1976
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 28, 2021
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