All My Sins Remembered

by Joe Haldeman
All My Sins Remembered - Joe Haldeman 8.00   1

Otto McGavin is an Anglo-Buddhist who has been recruited as a spy defending human and alien rights for the interstellar clandestine government agency known only as TBII. Each job takes him to a new planet with wildly different rules and brutal abuses that he must investigate and put a stop to. He takes on a new implanted personality for each job, with his own self buried, ready for action when necessary. But he faces a loss of self as the jobs he does become more personally horrific, and the artificial personalities and hypnotic training suppress more of his own being.


  • Interview: Age 22
  • Prologue
  • Redundancy Check: Age 32
  • To Fit the Crime
  • Redundancy Check: Age 39
  • The Only War We've Got
  • Redundancy Check: Age 44
  • All My Sins Remembered
  • Interview: Age 45

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Release date 1977
Details updated August 23, 2022
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