Saul's Death and Other Poems

by Joe Haldeman
Saul's Death and Other Poems - Joe Haldeman N/A

A collection of poems.


  • Foreword: A Word from the Publisher (by Keith Allen Daniels)
  • Saul's Death
  • Time Lapse
  • Homecoming
  • The Gift
  • Fire, Ice
  • The Medical Student
  • For Mary
  • Mends
  • Touch
  • Family Album
  • Ice
  • Atlantic City Blues
  • Triolet: lupa
  • Benny's Song
  • Curves in Space
  • Windpress (haikai no tanka)
  • Machines of Loving Grace
  • Duet for Tenor and Vehicle
  • Making Book
  • For E. H., 25 Years Later
  • Houston Can You Read?
  • For Voyager 2
  • October Fog
  • The Star
  • Water Spirit
  • Eighteen Years Old, October Eleventh
  • Astrology Column
  • Cold Rust Grit: End of Dreams
  • Displacement Activity: Science
  • The Cepheid Variable
  • Carbon Star
  • Mother of Stars

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 1997
Details updated August 29, 2022
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