The Vampire... In My Dreams

by Terry Lee Wilde
Release date: 2008
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

Love bites when a seventeen-year-old vampire and witch tangle.

The Witch

Plain and average Marissa Lakeland doesn’t believe in fate — or vampires. When she and her girlfriend chase after a gorgeous hunk of a guy one dark, misty night to prove he’s truly a vampire, she’s forced to face her worst nightmares — in the flesh. Rather, in the not-quite mortal flesh. So why does the thought of tall, dark, and vampiric appeal to her, when there’s no way a vampire can compel a witch to do his bidding? At least that’s what she’s read in vampiric lore. But lore can be mistaken. Utterly mistaken.

The Prince of Darkness

As soon as he sees Marissa, fledgling vampire, Dominic Vorchowski, knows that she’s the only one who can save him. Only why does she have to be a witch? Humans are easy to compel, but a witch? Fate has thrown him together with the clever, bewitching teen and if he can gain her trust, he’ll have his life back again. Except for that whole eternal thirst for blood thing. And the fangs. Not to mention the aversion to intense sunlight. In any event, he’ll have his life back as normal as it can be. This time, he’ll not mess with girls he knows nothing about. Especially when he’s set his sights on one tantalizing teen witch, who’s totally off the menu.

The Threat

Lynetta wants Dominic to replace the lover she lost three hundred years ago, and no witch is going to take her guy away from her. Ancient vampires tend to get really cranky when they don’t get their way.  Really cranky. Like three-hundred-years-in-the-making cranky. She’s not just after Dominic’s blood, she wants every bit of the hunk. Time is running out while Dominic and Marissa try to find a way to thwart the vampiress and her blood bonds from winning the battle of the night.

updated 2010-09-07

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