The Last Unicorn
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The Last Unicorn

by Peter S. Beagle
Release date: 1968
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

She was magical, beautiful beyond belief – and completely alone...

The unicorn had lived since before memory in a forest where death could touch nothing. Maidens who caught a glimpse of her glory were blessed by enchantment they would never forget. But outside her wondrous realm, dark whispers and rumors carries a message she could not ignore: 'Unicorns are gone from the world.'

Aided by a bumbling magician and an indominable spinster, she set out to learn the truth. But she geared even her immortal wisdom meant nothing in a world where a mad king's curse and terror incarnate lived only to stalk the last unicorn to her doom...

updated 2017-01-16

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Written by
The Last Unicorn is a classic of fantasy literature. I like this book very much. The Last Unicorn is an amazingly beautiful and touching fantasy book. If you call yourself a fantasy fan and haven't read this book, you should read it as soon as possible. You'll probably like it.
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Written by

Authors are warned not to expect literary fiction to succeed commercially. Yet one of the most popular fantasies ever is a beautiful example of literary fantasy. I read The Last Unicorn recently for the first time.

No story is the same for every reader. We shape our own version with our widely varied personal memories and perspective. This is especially true with literary fiction, which relies on the audience's interest in such things as allusions and undercurrents of meaning.

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