The Shattered Vine

by Laura Anne Gilman
Release date: October 15, 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Magic makes the man.
Then the man makes magic...

Nebula Award nominee Laura Anne Gilman’s novels of vine, earth, and deceit have been hailed as a “dramatic, authentic, and potent” (Publishers Weekly) fantasy series. Now, two clashing forces are drawn into a duel of magic and will…

Two thousand years ago, a demigod changed the world, splitting authority between Vinearts and men of power, and setting his heirs, the Washers, to guard the balance. But even gods may fail, and now the Lands Vin are racked by rumor and revolt, hunger and inexplicable violence.

Vineart Jerzy was set to track the source of these rumors and violence, accompanied by the three people in the world he trusts: a trader crippled by a sea monster’s attack, a young woman with no place in the world, and a prince who abandoned his people. They have their enemy’s name, and they know his plan. What they don’t know is how to stop him.

As Jerzy takes command of the House of Malech and unrest in the land increases, he realizes he must delve deeper into forbidden magic if he is to lure his unknown enemy out into the open. Because in a world where everyone knows their place, only a former slave is free to act…

updated 2016-11-01

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