The Undead: Skin and Bones

by D. L. Snell, Travis Adkins
Release date: 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, anthology

Edited by D. L. Snell and Travis Adkins.

Dig into the second installment of the popular UNDEAD series, THE UNDEAD: SKIN AND BONES. A fungus takes over an office building and all its occupants. An exiled boy flees across a wasteland, stalked by an executioner and an undead dragon. A squadron of troops confronts an army of corpses. A greedy producer creates a talk show about the living dead. A man hits an unlucky streak that starts with a zombie outbreak and only gets worse. And in the featured novella, "Skin and Bones," a necromancer exploits the dead to extract a twisted revenge. These stories and more from authors such as David Wellington, Vince Churchill, David Dunwoody, and D.L. Snell.


  • The Hill by Eric Shapiro
  • Ravenous Angels by A. Kiwi Courters
  • The Abbot and the Dragon by David Dunwoody
  • Skin and Bones by D. L. Snell
  • Agent Red by Phillip Hansen
  • Cyclopean by David Wellington
  • Till the Lord Comes by Scott Standridge
  • Alive Eye for the Dead Guy by Ryan C. Thomas
  • Misfortune by Vince Churchill
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