Touching the Flame

Paul Kane
horror, short stories
Touching the Flame - Paul Kane

Stretch out your hand, your fingers. Closer, closer. Can you feel the heat? You know you shouldn't, but the flame is so pretty, so bright... Now what can you see?

A man is imprisoned and tortured for information he doesn't have, while another finds he has incredible powers of mental projection... A doctor seeks the answer to the ultimate question and at the same time one writer is handed the biggest break of his life... A night out on the town has dire consequences for a gang of youths and a strange maze holds mysteries so terrifying they chill the blood... And as two singers return from the grave, unknown disease stakes its first deadly claim...

Spanning the whole of his career so far, "Touching the Flame" is a worthy follow-up to Paul Kane's well-received first collection. Just be careful you don't get buried...


  • Introduction: Burnt Fingers (by Simon Clark)
  • The Torturer
  • Astral
  • The Face of Death
  • Shadow Writer
  • Prey
  • Star-Pool
  • Visiting Hour
  • Facades
  • At the Heart of the Maze
  • The Bones Brothers
  • Nightlife
  • The Hypnotist's Gaze
  • Grandpa's Chair
  • The Disease
  • Blackout
  • St August's Flame
  • The Persistence of Dali
  • Eye of the Beholder
  • Melted Wax
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Release date: 2002
Genres: horror, short stories
Updated September 07, 2010