Funnybones - Paul Kane

Paul Kane – author of Alone (in the Dark) and Touching the Flame – has returned, not to terrify this time, but to tickle the funnybone. Inside this book you’ll find a collection of his most outrageous humorous horror, with stories ranging from "Dracula in Love" to "The Last Temptation of Alice Crump"... and not forgetting fan favourite "The Bones Brothers." Funnybones also includes several of the adventures of Dalton Quayle, that most famous of supernatural detectives.

Before you can say, "Please for the love of God, no more, my belly," Master of the Farce Paul Kane will have you laughing out loud and embarrassing yourself on the bus. IMPORTANT: Do not read while drinking milk.


  • Introduction by Pete Allen
  • Oliver's Twist
  • Master of the White Worms
  • A Suspicious Mind
  • The Bones Brothers
  • Yibble
  • Dracula in Love
  • The Sheepshank Revelation
  • The Ugly
  • The Last Temptation of Alice Crump
  • All the Rage
  • Temple of Deadly Danger
  • Spells Trouble
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Release date: 2005
Genres: horror, short stories
Updated September 07, 2010