Sorcery Rising (Fool's Gold, #1)
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Sorcery Rising

by Jude Fisher
Release date: 2002
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The Allfair. A place for old enemies to put aside their differences for a time and come together for trade and revelry. The hardy, seafaring Eyrans come from the North; from the South, their old enemies, the Istrians, slave-owners who drove the Eyrans from their lands; and the nomadic peoples – the Footloose – purveyors of charms and harmless potions.

Katla Aransen and her family have sailed to the fair to trade their goods. The Vingo clan have travelled from Istria to purchase a bride for their appalling eldest son. Tycho Issian has come to sell his daughter to the highest bidder. King Ravn Asharson, Stallion of the North, seeks a political alliance; while others seek his downfall.

But there is a disquiet in the air. For centuries, Elda has been bereft of magic; but this year something has changed. A mysterious force is abroad once more, and at its centre a triumvirate of strangers to the Allfair: a mysterious, coldly dispassionate man, his oddly intelligent cat, and a woman of such surpassing beauty that all who see her fall under her thrall. Magic is returning to the world, and no one will remain unchanged.

From the million-copy bestselling author of The Fellowship of the Ring Visual Companion, comes this epic tale of gods, great journeys, love and betrayal: a fantasy classic in the making.

updated 2017-01-16

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