Conan the Triumphant (The Conan Chronicles #4) - Robert Jordan N/A

In the fabled kingdom of Ophir, Conan and his Free-Company of mercenaries enter the service of the voluptous, dark-eyed Lady Synelle, unaware that she is secretly High Priestess of Al'Kiir, the sharp-horned, multi-fanged demon god whose worship is almost forgotten in the kingdom. Better for humankind if it were totally forgotten!

For Al'Kiir's rites center upon the sacrifice of beautiful women, such as Conan's fiery acquaintance, the luscious bandit queen Karela the Red Hawk. And Al'Kiir also demands the eternal enslavement of perfect warriors...

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Release date 1983
Details updated August 26, 2022

The Conan Chronicles :: Series

Series contains 7 primary works and has 10 total works.

Main series Conan

Conan the Invincible (The Conan Chronicles #1) 6.04   49
Conan the Defender (The Conan Chronicles #2) 6.42   41
Conan the Unconquered (The Conan Chronicles #3) 6.96   29
Conan the Triumphant (The Conan Chronicles #4) N/A
Conan the Magnificent (The Conan Chronicles #5) 9.00   1
Conan the Destroyer (The Conan Chronicles #6) 10.00   1
Conan the Victorious (The Conan Chronicles #7) 10.00   1
The Conan Chronicles: Volume 1 5.00   1
The Further Chronicles of Conan 10.00   1
The Conan Chronicles: Volume 2 N/A