Syrup - Max Barry

A satirical novel.

When Scat comes up with the idea for the hottest new soda ever, he's sure he'll retire the next rich, savvy marketing success story. But in the treacherous waters of corporate America there are no sure things – and suddenly Scat has to save not only his idea but his yet-to-be-realized career. With the help of the scarily beautiful and brainy 6, he sets out on a mission to reclaim the fame and fortune that, time and again, eludes him.

This brilliantly scathing debut is a hilarious send-up of celebrity, sexual politics, corporate America, and the fleeting status that comes with getting to the table first – before the other guy has you for lunch.

"Seductively hip... Wickedly funny."USA Today

"Scathingly funny."Fort Worth Star Telegram

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Release date: 1999
Genres: mainstream
Updated: August 23, 2021