The Watchers Out of Time

H. P. Lovecraft, August Derleth
horror > weird fiction, short stories
The Watchers Out of Time - H. P. Lovecraft, August Derleth

Venture at your own risk into a realm where the sun sinks into oblivion – and all that is unholy, unearthly, and unspeakable rises. These rare, hard-to-find collaborations of cosmic terror are back in print, including

  • Wentworth’s Day: A fellow figures his debt to a dead man is null and void, until he discovers just how terrifying interest rates can be.
  • The Shuttered Room: A sophisticated gentleman must settle his grandfather’s estate, only to find that the house shelters dark secrets.
  • The Dark Brotherhood: A beautiful woman and her companion meet the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, in a tale as terrifying as anything Poe himself ever created.
  • Innsmouth Clay: A sculptor returns from Paris to create a statue not entirely of this world – and not at all under his control.
  • Witches’ Hollow: A new schoolteacher puts his soul in peril while trying to save one of his students from a ravenous creature.
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Release date: 2008
Genres: horrorweird fiction, short stories
Tags: cthulhu mythos
Updated: August 19, 2021