The Sleepers and Other Wakeful Things

by August Derleth
Release date: February 24, 2009
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, short stories

Introduction by Ramsey Campbell.


  • The Night Rider
  • The River (with Mark Schorer)
  • The Black Castle (with Mark Schorer)
  • The Turret Room (with Mark Schorer)
  • The Sleepers
  • The Three-Storied House
  • The Tenant at Number Seven
  • Melodie in E Minor
  • The House on the Highway
  • The Lilac Bush
  • Across the Hall
  • Just a Song at Twilight
  • Mrs. Bentley's Daughter
  • Ghosts Who Re-enact Their Crimes
  • Wraiths of the Sea
  • Laughter in the Night (with Mark Schorer)
  • The White Moth
  • The Metronome
  • Muggridge's Aunt
  • Mr. Berbeck Had a Dream
  • The Telephone in the Library
  • The Wind from the River
  • McGovern's Obsession
  • Three Gentlemen in Black
  • The Vengeance of Ai (with Mark Schorer)
  • Man in the Dark
  • A Message for His Majesty
  • The Room in the Annex (as by Tally Mason)
  • After You, Mr. Henderson
  • The Four Who Came Back
  • No Light for Uncle Henry
  • Alannah
  • Carousel
  • Dead Man's Shoes
  • The Churchyard Yew
  • Twilight Play
  • The Ormolu Clock
  • The Man on B-17
  • The Closing Door
  • Pott's Triumph
  • A Knocking in the Wall
  • Hector
  • The Night Road
  • The Ebony Stick
  • The Disc Recorder
  • Complete with Ghost (aka House — With Ghost)
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