Haunted (Fingerprints #2) - Melinda Metz N/A

Rae can read people's thoughts by touching their fingers and their fingerprints. But someone else knows about her powers – someone who is out to kill her...

Anthony has started to develop feelings for Rae. Not a good idea, when the girl can read his thoughts if she touches his fingerprints. Anyway, he's a really dumb kid – can't even read properly. What would she want with him? But all attention from budding romance is deflected when Anthony's friend Jesse disappears.

He has been kidnapped – kidnapped by someone who wants to know the exact extent of Rae's powers. He didn't manage to kill her on his first attempt, but he'll try again, and soon. All he needs is for Rae to prove to him just how powerful she is, by using her gift to track Jesse down...

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Release date 2001
Details updated August 31, 2022

Fingerprints :: Series

Series contains 7 primary works and has 7 total works.

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