Daughters of Darkness

by L. J. Smith
Daughters of Darkness (Night World #2) - L. J. Smith 10.00   1

Unearthly Beauty

There's something strange about the new girls in town. Briar Creek, Oregon, has never seen anything like the supernatural grace of Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade, three sisters who move into the dilapidated old house next to Mark and Mary-Lynnette Carter. Mark is obsessed with Jade – but she and her sisters have a secret. And when Mark and Mary-Lynnette follow them into the woods one night, they are plunged into a nightmare beyond their imagination. Because the sisters are fugitives from the Night World, and their brother Ash is hot on the trail behind them. He's ruthless, gorgeous, and he has orders to bring the girls back at all costs. And when he sees Mary-Lynette, he decides to take her too...

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Release date 1996
Details updated August 24, 2022

Night World :: Series

Series contains 10 primary works and has 10 total works.

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