Thief of Hearts (A Body of Evidence #2) - Christopher Golden

"Why would anyone want to tear out someone's heart?"

That's the very real question facing college freshman Jenna Blake, and it has nothing to do with romance and heartbreak. A second grisly murder mystery is unfolding at Somerset University, and her job as a pathology assistant at the local hospital brings Jenna too close to the haunting crimes.

Everyone has a theory on the nature of the killings, including Jenna's older half-brother, Pierce Logan, who's new in town and has some odd ideas about why someone would want to steal a human heart.

Meanwhile, Jenna begins working on her own heart when she meets a fascinating older man. But there's little time for dating when the Thief of Hearts declares Somerset the perfect hunting ground – and someone very close to Jenna is the prey.

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Release date: 1999
Genres: thriller
Updated: August 13, 2021